Entry: <3 Monday, September 15, 2003

So...my boyfriend just left ...im in a good mood...but i still have a pluthera of ideas on my mind.  A certain blogger nicknamed Madame emailed me a few days ago to tell me that she thinks the same way and that she wants to share ideas.  Thank you if your reading this...that is the whole reason that i started to do this.  Plus she seems like a really cool person.  She explains herself as an "old soul".  That's exactly how my boyfriend is so I am sure she cant be anything short of a paragon.  I will email you soon but im kind of tied up in a little family trouble.  Sorry its taking me so long..  Anyways I was sitting at my best friend Amber's house.  Now this girl is my martyr.  Not only did she probably save me from myself...but she opened up a whole new world to me.  She has taught me soo many things about life...she has gone through so much turmoil and she still has a habitual smile on her face.  She is a true hippie and i respect her with all my soul and love her with all my heart.  She will have never done wrong in my eyes.  But anywayz...we were sitting there in her room talking to her mom...her mom is spiritually enlightened and can tell us of our set fate (we talk to her for hours upon hours in complete awe of her ability)...and we are talking about religion....guess what though...this ones a cliffhanger...my tranquilizers have just kicked in and i need to go to bed.  I'm not very coherent when im under the influence.  But dont start throwing your computer out the window just yet because i am going to finish this tomorrow.  It will be much better if i write it tomorrow anyways because this has changed my entire lookout on life so it is very prominent in my mind right now and i will be coming up with some pretty extreme ideas...or maybe just a big blog of crap... Who knows just read it tomorrow i guess.........
             Sleep Well...thats the only time of peace that you REALLY have!

                                           SAY NO TO WAR                      




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