Entry: War Pigs- Revised Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Think about it, what is this country really based on?  Can you really say.  No!  You know why?  Because the truth is hidden from you!  It is purposly put away in a dark room never to be found except future civilizations that have easily conquered us to find.  They say that we can't handle the truth...well my friend thats because they have brainwashed an overwhelming majority of our people to think that this way is right and that no matter what, we stand by and agree with their decisions.  I know I cant make a difference by myself...but I sure as hell am not going to sit here and let those egotistical war machines think that they have got me anywhere near where they want me.  I will not sit down.  I will not let this happen to me.  I will not bow down and allow my kids to inherite such a poor excuse for a "life of freedom".  What have we come to?  I watched the democratic rally and heard a brave sole stand up for what she believed in.  I respected that and was suprised to see that the american people were shielded by her words of wisdom.  We have to listen to their thoughts...why can't they take a minute out of their meaningless day to listen to us..even if it doesnt matter, they should still know where their people stand.  They even had the audacity to apologize to "senator Grahm".  This woman disagreed with him....I don't see how that entitles him to an apology.  He has his views...he's standing in front of a microphone in front of people that don't give a rats ass what he thinks and she has her own...she should be allowed to let it be heard.  Just because we dont care doesnt mean that we dont listen though.  He couldnt take 30 seconds to allow someone else to express how they feel.  Well fuck you senator Grahm.  Because I'm not even gonna listen anymore...see how you fucking like it. 


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