Entry: Sitting here Friday, September 05, 2003

Wow am I bored....I'm sitting here in keyboarding class and i would like to contact some kind of a descent human...not possible.  If i were a cheerleader i'd be fine...i really am not making any sense...but its ok because no one is probably gonna read this anyway. 

                                  Smoke Crack and 
               Worship Satan!
Anyways...if you do read this i probably wont add anything tomorrow...if i do its something that i wrote today when i was bored in class.  Im going partyin tomorrow with an old friend.  It will be some good times and hopefully i will never come back.
                                                          So wish me luck
By the way to any guy who ever thinks that he has a right even fucking TOUCH a girl in a way that she doesnt want...whether it be hitting or rape or anything that that person doesnt want....I will hunt you down and kill you like the spineless sack of shit that you are...That goes for you GREG...you know what im talkin about and you better not show you're fucking face again.

Sorry this whole thing is pure bullshittin but im too tired to think of anything serious right now.


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