Entry: What is a cult? Friday, October 17, 2003

Seriously ...what is a cult?  The people that point fingers are in the majority group.  Doesnt that put them on the same level as the one on the other side of that finger?  What makes them different except for that they have a different outlook on how daily life should be carried out.  PEOPLE! LOOK AT YOURSELVES BEFORE YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT DISHING OUT ANOTHER LITTLE INSTRUCTION BOOKLET FOR OTHERS!  Before you know it you, and everyone of your teeny-bopper friends are going to feel the reprocutions of your actions.  These "dorks" or "freaks" will take this world over and you will be screwed.  Maybe one of you is reading this right now...please tell me...why do you feel the need to put people down and ruin their lives?  Just for the fun of it???  Now I have never felt this extreme abandonment and self pity but I have witnessed it one too many times and I think we should put an end to it now.  All it takes is one or two people to step back and say..."hey maybe we should change our ways and except that all people deserve to be treated like descent human beings" (maybe not everyone but you get what I mean).  Do you know how many people a day kill themselves because someone decided that they werent pretty enough or enjoys science labs more than running after a pigskin tackling guys left and right for no reason?  Now if you are one of these people that think its ok to degrade and break down another person, and you want to email me or leave a message on my site saying that this is bullshit and that i am just sick of getting picked on....THINK AGAIN!  I have known popularity all my life and could have almost any guy I want, so im not just a little whining bitch.  I have put some thought and time into this subject and this is how I truely feel.  I would say that you people could go to hell but I believe that this is hell...so I'll just have to kick your ass for an enternity in heaven.  ;-)

       See you where I see you....



- -We miss you Dave!

                 Dave Kleeman




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